Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE)

woman studyingWhat is Spiritual Education?

The spiritual principles taught at Unity are not intended to be adopted as dogma or creed, but rather they are offered to try on, to be practiced and to be lived. Those who study and practice these principles find higher purpose, deeper peace, greater joy, and an expanding capacity to radiate God’s light in all we think, do and say. Our classes allow you to:

  • Go deeper. Spiritual Education is your opportunity to learn to connect to Spirit more than you are able to by just listening to the Sunday lessons.
  • Engage in the learning. Our classes are interactive, enabling you to participate in the learning.
  • Connect with other spiritual seekers.


Spiritual SEE Classes

Some of our classes are part of Unity’s Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) Program. Beyond taking the classes for personal spiritual enrichment, spiritual seekers have the opportunity to take classes for their own personal learning, and can receive credit toward a certificate through Unity Institute. The Spiritual Development Program (SDP) offers a more structured course of study for students looking to expand and deepen their spiritual awareness. There are 22 required classes and 3 electives needed for certification in SDP. Completion of all 25 classes is one requirement for entry into the Leadership Development program. Entry into Unity’s ministerial program requires a set curriculum of prerequisite classes.

Whether you want to renew your passion for spirituality, discover new ideas that will change your life, explore practical approaches for everyday living, or develop your biblical knowledge, there is a class for you. SEE courses provide a practical metaphysical teachings you can use every day to enrich your life. Courses are offered at Unity churches/centers, online, or on campus at Unity Worldwide Headquarters in Unity Village, MO.

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