Sacred Service: Love in Action Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams come together as working teams to fulfill ongoing areas of service within our Unity community. Some teams meet monthly; others meet prior to planned events. These teams allow each person to radiate the joy of Spirit through their spark of indwelling creativity, gift or talent.

Serving on a ministry team can bring great blessings, including new friendships, spiritual growth, and the satisfaction of supporting a sacred work.

If you are interested in learning more or in joining a ministry team, please contact Judy Renner, Director of Volunteer Services, or find a brochure at our Information Table.

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We serve and honor our spiritual community with love. The individuals who make up these service ministries energetically manage the many activities of our church. We believe that each individual makes a difference here, and in the world.

Unity East’s Service Teams

  • Prayer Team — Unity East’s Prayer Team is an informal, anonymous prayer support network dedicated to holding all prayer requests in confidence each week.
  • Prayer Chaplains — The Unity East Prayer Chaplaincy program is a service ministry that holds sacred space for each member through ongoing prayer. They nurture the congregation by being available for confidential prayer after Sunday Celebration services.
  • Communications Team — The Communications Ministry Team provides pertinent and up-to-date information through weekly and periodic email updates, Facebook, and regularly updated website, as well as creating and printing our service bulletins
  • fotolia_69476Greeters  — Greeters at Unity East greet each person who enter the doors of the church with a warm, inviting smile and hearty welcome to Unity East. Their mission is to go the “second mile” with introductions, tours, explanations of the church and facility, as well as handing out brochures and provide invitations to attend classes to newcomers.
  • Ushers — Ushers at Unity East provide loving attention to all congregants by handing out bulletins and other materials, being attentive to the needs of congregants and collecting tithes and offerings during the church service.
  • Counters — Counters at Unity East provide fiscal responsibility for monies collected during Sunday and special services by accurate accounting of monies.
  • Sound Team — assists in operating the soundboard during worship services, so that the musicians and speakers can be clearly heard. They also burn CDs of the lesson and meditation for sale.
  • coffee treatHospitality Team — contributes culinary and presentation talents for Sunday fellowship and special events. Also provides a welcoming atmosphere where members and newcomers interact with one another through food and fellowship.
  • Healing Arts Team — members of this team nurture and inspire the spiritual community by orchestrating healing events
  • Expressive Arts Team — The Expressive Arts Ministry Team encompasses the creative energies of the performing arts through innovative, non-traditional and creative activities, such as sacred dance, music, drama, improvisation, reader’s theater, etc.
  • Facilities Team — Unity East’s Facilities Team supports the community with maintenance and upkeep for our church home – both interior, physical, and landscape.
  • De-Clutter Team — The De-Clutter Team is a dedicated, relentless task force that defies clutter to interfere with the spiritual order of Unity East.
  • Bookstore – introduce and guide congregants to resources that assist them on their spiritual paths.
  • Care Team
  • Community Outreach — this team orchestrates our outreach projects for the local community
  • Office Support – assists with office/administrative projects.
  • Youth and Family Ministry — this team of spiritual teachers supports our youth in their spiritual education
  • Events — support the many aspects of special events at the church

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