Our Leadership Team

Get to know the UEC Board – from their statements about what Unity means to each of them.

Rosalee White, President of Board of Trustees

Unity East is my spiritual home where I find comfort, compassion, joy, and spiritual nourishment. The five basic principles of Unity are guidelines for living a wonderful Spirit-filled life.

I serve Unity East to pay back and pay forward for all the great growth I have achieved and continue to achieve. I want to help in Unity East’s growth and prosperity by serving and making our church an inviting and joyous place. Unity East has the great potential to help the community and its congregants in finding the spiritual home they are seeking.

Ella Schulz, Vice President of Board of Trustees

I am a charter member of Unity East and the church has always been a spiritual family to me. I receive support and love when present, that lingers until the next visit.

I serve at Unity East because part of tithing is giving of our time, treasure, and talent, and I consider this service as my tithe.

Bob Richardson, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Unity East is, to a large extent, my spiritual home, a loving environment, and an extended family of choice.

I think the principles of Unity are extremely important, but especially important is the concept of our direct relationship with God.

Vicki Miller, Treasurer of Board of Trustees

Unity East is a place that brings me peace and the feeling of positive love. It and the people have helped me grow spiritually, and for that I am grateful.

I serve at Unity East because it is makes me feel worthwhile, and without people who wish to serve, even in small ways, a church cannot continue to function or prosper.

Tim Parrish, Trustee

At Unity East we are taught positive, practical spirituality in a warm, caring community.  The messages are sound without being “preachy,” the musicians here are top-notch, and as I leave each Sunday celebration I feel spiritually nourished and refreshed. My wife Deb and I were married here and consider Unity East “home.”

It is a privilege to serve as a board member and to volunteer at UE. It gives me an opportunity to give back a little of what I have been given and to help Unity East on its mission of awakening, empowering, and encouraging our spiritual community.

Doc Renner, Trustee

Unity teaches a way of life that makes sense to me. Unity aligns with the teaching of the 12-step programs (of which I am a member) so closely that it feels as an extension of the core values I established there. When I learned that Unity teaches how to live the better life now, I became a devoted follower. By practicing the teachings of the 12 steps and Unity, my life gets better every day.

I serve because the door to Unity was open when I needed it to be. In serving I am doing my part to help the next person find the path to the joy of living today. And as Unity teaches, when you give, it is returned tenfold.

Rev. Jill Andrews, Minister

The people that are Unity East have welcomed me with open arms. Many have made this their spiritual home and find support here for their spiritual journey.

Unity’s transforming teachings have blessed my life in so many ways that it is my calling to “hold the space” for others to have their lives transformed.

I enjoy walking with people seeking a deeper relationship with Spirit, embracing spiritual principles, and incorporating them into their daily living. It is an honor to serve this spiritual community as we grow and transform our lives both individually and collectively.

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