About Us

circle of handsUnity Spiritual Center is a spiritual community of inclusive and open-minded people who seek practical teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living.

Welcome to:

  • a diverse, trans-denominational spiritual movement where everyone is celebrated;
  • a congregation celebrating the true nature of you that is divine and inherently good;
  • a group of believers in God as a guiding presence within you – not a demanding “superbeing” in the sky;
  • a place to study what all the great spiritual masters, especially Jesus, taught and said… not what others have said about those masters;
  • a school of thought that honors truth revealed in all faiths and all cultures;
  • a spiritual community that believes that we are God’s light – opening our hearts, transforming our lives, and celebrating the divinity of all.


communityWe provide a philosophy that is…

  • spiritual, rather than religious;
  • love-based, rather than fear-based;
  • uplifting and non-judgmental, rather than guilt-based;
  • mystical and unifying, rather than rote-based;
  • life-giving, rather than rule-based.


Our intention is to help people connect with like-minded people who are committed to thinking, growing, discovering and transforming their lives.

We do this by creating a sacred and safe environment for the discovery and experience of a loving connection with the Divine.

Our Mission: “Acknowledging God within through prayer, education and service, we awaken, empower, and encourage the spiritual connection transforming people’s lives and the world.”

Unity has often been described as “practical” Christianity because we strip away the dogma and ritual to reveal the practical teaching of Jesus Christ. It is 1st-Century Christianity for the 21st Century. The teachings are positive, practical and progressive.

prayerThe search for God can be approached in many ways. Like the spokes of a wagon wheel, each religion or spiritual practice is looking to connect with God in the center. No one spiritual practice or religion has a corner on the market when it comes to Truth. We embrace all Truth teachings and often draw on Truth statements from outside of Christianity.

Unity believes that we each have the seed of divinity in us. Our purpose is to give you resources to help you discover that unique divinity within yourself. When you come in contact with this inner guide, you come in contact with God. Following this inner guide, you live your life in accordance with your highest purpose.

This self-discovery process can be your path to health, wealth, prosperity, peace and a life filled with spiritual purpose.

Unity supports you in your unfolding journey, by offering spiritual teachings that empower abundant, healthy, prosperous and meaningful living.

Through Unity, individually and collectively, we make a positive difference in our community and in the world. As we transform our lives, we transform the world.

We invite you to join us! If this is your first visit to our website, start here.

Welcoming you with love and joy!



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